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Dental cleanings

Dental cleanings

Dental cleaning is an important part of oral hygiene to prevent cavities, gingivitis and periodontal diseases. Oral health also protects your body, because problems in your mouth can affect your overall health.

We do care about our patient’s well being. We encourage our patients to make good oral hygiene an essential part of their overall health plan.

At least twice a year a professional regular dental cleaning can improve your oral health. At Smile Dental Group, the hygienist performs the dental cleaning reinforcing the home-care oral health of brushing and flossing daily.

Healthy gums are pink in color and there is very minimal bleeding during the dental cleaning.

Healthy gums have a shallow and small space between the teeth and the gums. The regular dental cleaning involves going into that space and removing all the bacteria and tartar build up (calculus). The dental professional will evaluate what type of cleaning you need by measuring the depth of the space between the teeth and gums.

However, people who do not practice good oral hygiene at home with proper brushing and flossing technique might need a deep cleaning ( or “scaling and root planning” ) to remove large amount of bacteria and tartar build-up located below the gums. This occurs when  the space between the teeth and gums gets deeper, forming a “pocket”. Other health issues can increase the risk of developing pockets. Depending on the depth of the pocket people can have gum disease or periodontal disease. For patient comfort, it might be necessary to numb the teeth and gum to properly clear the pockets by removing the bacteria and tartar build-up below the gum tissue.

At Smile Dental Group, we care and the first step is to improve this condition, regardless of the cause. This usually involves one or two visits for the initial periodontal treatment. After completing the initial periodontal treatment your oral health will be reevaluated and three to four month periodontal maintenance cleanings will be recommended  based upon the status of your periodontal diseases. Antimicrobial rinses, localized antibiotics sometimes are necessary.

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