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Tooth extractions are simple but permanent procedures that are often done on children and adults. When is it proper to have a tooth extracted? Among the reasons to have a tooth extracted are tooth decay, severe bone loss, fracture due to trauma, infection and need of space to accommodate teeth.

There are several types of tooth extraction. A simple extraction happens when the tooth is visible in the mouth and instruments can easily be used. A surgical extraction is a more complex procedure that usually requires to open the gum tissue and or remove bone. Wisdom teeth extraction fall in this category.

When children are growing up and becoming adolescents, sometimes, extractions must be performed.

Every patient must remember that nature only gives you one set of adult teeth per lifetime;  and prevention and early intervention is crucial to avoid extraction of teeth. Having a tooth extracted will leave a permanent empty space in your mouth that affects the way you look, chew food and speak.

If there is no other solution for your dental problem than extracting a tooth, a plan has to be made in order to restore the area to proper function and esthetics a soon as possible, to avoid shifting of the neighboring teeth. Either a dental implant, a fixed bridge or a partial denture could be the possible treatment options.

Please call us today for a consultation to determine if extracting the tooth is the best option for you or not. We will be happy to help you to achieve a better state of health!

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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!


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