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Dental x-rays enable the dentist to check for cavities in between the teeth, supporting structures such as bone levels and anomalies of the surrounding bone structures. Dentists need to diagnose as best as possible to provide outstanding care and make early intervention before the decay or any disease progresses.

Types of X-rays

  • Periapical &  bitewing : to look for decay, and bone levels.
  • Panoramic to fully evaluate the upper and lower jaw. Helps us to rule out any cysts or pathogenic process,  as well to evaluate wisdom teeth  before extraction.
  • Cephalometric used by orthodontists when planning orthodontic treatment.

How often are X-rays needed?

Everyone has unique needs. If you’re a new patient, we recommend  taking a full series of X-rays and panoramic images to assess your current oral health state. If patient does not exhibit any decay or problems after initial set of x-rays then dental x- rays can be spaced out.

Smile Dental Group PC, uses the latest technology available to patients. Our digital sensors allows for less radiation achieving outstanding diagnostic images. The amount of radiation a patient gets from a complete series of dental x-rays are less that the radiation you can get from walking outdoors on a sunny day or at the beach.

If you are interested in reading more about dental x-rays please click on the following link.

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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!


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