Dental Fillings in Jackson Heights, NY

Dental Fillings

In the modern United States, 92 percent of the population has at least one dental filling. The average American has 3, and over 25 percent of people have 11. Fillings are pieces of a small, hard substance that are inserted into a damaged tooth to repair the overall structure. They are used when an individual develops cavities or caries, which are holes in the enamel caused by dental decay.

With dental fillings being almost inevitable, you no doubt want to choose the best provider available to manage your treatment. At Smile Dental Group, we use only the latest techniques and materials to ensure our dental fillings in Jackson Heights are the most practical, durable, and comfortable options near you.

How a Filling Works

Fillings are shaped to be small enough to fit inside a damaged tooth. From the interior, the material provides support for the exterior enamel and also prevents plaque and bacteria from getting inside of a tooth.

When properly fitted, a filling is unnoticeable and undetectable. You will not feel the pain you did while having an open cavity, and the material will not irritate the soft tissues of the tooth.

Our Process

At Smile Dental Group, we can complete the insertion of fillings during a single appointment. One of our dentists will first examine your smile to determine whether or not you have a cavity that requires treatment. If you do, we clean the cavity and remove any plaque, decay, or damaged tissues to stop the deterioration of the tooth.

Once the tooth is ready, we can insert a filling of your choice using basic tools like a dental drill. Afterward, you will be able to use the tooth like normal.

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