Dental Sealants in Jackson Heights, NY

Dental Sealants

Between the critical ages of 6 and 14, children and teenagers are highly susceptible to cavities. Even with adequate brushing and flossing, you may find your child struggling with dental caries. The deep grooves of the back teeth present numerous challenges when it comes to tooth decay. Here at Smile Dental Group, we recommend prioritizing preventive dentistry as a way to avoid future dental problems. In particular, we encourage patients to get dental sealants to prevent tooth decay.

Dental sealants are plastic or resin coatings that cover or seal off the back teeth. By keeping bacteria away from the enamel of the tooth, dental sealants lower the chances of tooth decay significantly. Children and teenagers are ideally the best candidates for dental sealants in Jackson Heights. However, adults who don’t have cavities or fillings can also get dental sealants.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Our dentists in Jackson Heights will begin by examining your dental health to determine whether you qualify for dental sealants. Patients with pre-existing cavities, fillings, and other dental conditions that call for immediate attention cannot get dental sealants.

If we find that you’re a good candidate for dental sealants, our dentist prepares your teeth by thoroughly cleaning them to remove food debris, bacteria, and plaque. Next, our dentist applies an acid solution to the chewing surface. The acid solution roughens the surfaces, thus allowing the sealant material to adhere well to the tooth.

Lastly, one of our team members will apply the sealant material, which is cured using a special light.

The entire process is painless, and you don’t require anesthesia or sedation.

You can eat and drink as soon as the treatment is complete.

Life After Dental Sealants

Dental sealants don’t require any special care. In fact, many are the times that you will not even remember that you have dental sealants. However, you must continue to take proper care of your teeth by brushing and flossing as advised by our dentist near you. Remember also to come in for your twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings so we can monitor your sealants. In case your sealants have chipped or gotten worn down, we’re happy to reapply a fresh coat to keep your teeth free from cavities.

Call Smile Dental Group today if you’re looking for a reputable dental office that provides dental sealants near you.

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