Endodontics in Jackson Heights, NY


Are you searching for a dentist near you that can treat dental concerns for your whole family? If so, Smile Dental Group has some great news for you!

As one of the area’s leading multi-specialty dental practices, our dentists have the experience and skills to help every member of your family achieve a picture-perfect smile with the help of general dentistry and endodontic treatment from our centrally located Jackson Heights dentist office.

An Overview of Endodontic Treatment: The Root Canal

If you’re unfamiliar with endodontic dentistry, the easiest way to explain treatment within this branch of dentistry is that therapies involve the hollow space of a patient’s teeth where the pulp of the tooth is located. The most common procedure associated with endodontic treatment is a procedure known as a root canal.

Our dental care team knows that some patients have a level of fear when it comes to dental procedures, and endodontic treatment and root canal therapy are included in this trepidation. However, our root canal dentists want to assure you that gentle dentistry is one of our core practices at Smile Dental Group, so your experience can be as stress-free and pain-free as possible.

Symptoms that you Might Need Endodontic Treatment

Do you have one or more teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold? Do you have a crack or previous trauma to the tooth that is becoming more painful than in the past? Do you have an area of gum tissue that is starting to seep or drain?

Although any of these symptoms could run parallel with other dental concerns, the bottom line is that if you have even one of them, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a dental exam to determine if you require endodontics or one of the many other procedures provided in our Jackson Heights office.

Make an appointment now for an exam, consultation, and treatment plan to help you get the comfort of your teeth and gums back to what they once were. Use our convenient online booking tool now to make the booking process even easier.

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