Fluoride Treatment in Jackson Heights, NY

Fluoride Treatment

At Smile Dental Group, we’ve been providing people of different ages with fluoride treatments in Jackson Heights. These are simple procedures that can benefit your teeth. Finding a dentist in Jackson Heights that provides fluoride treatment near you shouldn’t be difficult. The important thing is to find someone with enough experience and training.

At Smile Dental Group in Jackson Heights, we can provide fluoride treatments safely and with great results. Fluoride is one of the most important minerals for dental health as it can strengthen teeth and stop decay. That’s why it’s now present in most toothpaste types. There’s a huge difference, however, between the fluoride in toothpaste and fluoride treatments.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments at a dentist near you are all about exposing teeth to large amounts of fluoride. The fluoride in toothpaste is minimal compared to the fluoride in these procedures. We need to calculate the right dose of fluoride-based on the patient’s age and weight. Performing fluoride treatments at home isn’t recommended. If you use too much fluoride, you can damage your teeth.

Fluoride is then applied to the teeth using a brush or small trays and left there for a specific amount of time. We’ll then remove the fluoride, and you’ll be free to go home. It’s better to avoid eating and drinking for half an hour to give your teeth more time to absorb the fluoride. There are no other precautions to be taken before or after the procedure. Fluoride treatments are painless, and we won’t even need to use local anesthesia.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments are highly beneficial to children. Children are vulnerable to dental cavities and decay. These treatments can help keep their teeth in good shape. Adults can also get fluoride treatments if they want, and they will benefit from them.

If you give us a call, we’d be happy to help you set up an appointment.

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