Teeth Whitening in Jackson Heights, NY

Teeth Whitening

Having whiter teeth is often on the top of the list for anyone looking to regain confidence, not only in their smile, but in their overall appearance as well. Because of this, the market is now flooded with over-the-counter treatments that often over-promise and even more often under-deliver.

If you are tired of waiting for the products you’re using at home to work, or you already know that professional teeth whitening is the better option for you, we invite you to book an appointment at Smile Dental Group in Jackson Heights.

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening Near You at Smile Dental Group

Because we are a dental office, our Jackson Heights dentists use bleaching materials that have been approved for professional use only. Not only does this mean that your teeth can be whitened by up to five shades in as little as one appointment, but it also means you’ll never have to worry about overuse of at-home bleaching products which can sometimes permanently damage the enamel of your teeth more than they lighten them.

Our dental care team will be chairside with you throughout your teeth whitening appointment to make sure that you receive the results you want without you having to be concerned about damage to your teeth. If you agree that peace of mind like that is worth a one-hour appointment versus wondering about the multiple treatments at-home products might produce, we invite you to experience the Smile Dental Group difference in smile makeovers and book your appointment now.

Last Minute Whitening is Always Available

Did you just learn that you have an important date, meeting, or other event coming up in a few days and you want the comfort of knowing your smile is as bright as you want it to be? If so, make an appointment now for teeth whitening in Jackson Heights from our dentist and you’ll walk into that event with a smile that is white, bright, and confident. Simply use our online booking tool to schedule a time that works best for you or call our office and speak to a member of our dental care team.

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