Dental Veneers in Jackson Heights, NY


Dental veneers have changed cosmetic dentistry for the better. They’re one of the most common cosmetic procedures that we perform at Smile Dental Group in Jackson Heights. If you’re looking for dental veneers near you, you’re probably not the only one.

Veneers are thin dental appliances that we can stick to teeth. They’re only attached to the front surfaces of teeth. People looking for veneers in Jackson Heights might confuse them with crowns. A crown covers the tooth’s entire surface like a cap. A veneer is flat and designed to only cover a tooth’s front surface.

Why Get Veneers?

At Smile Dental Group, patients ask us about veneers. They might have heard about a friend or relative getting veneers, and they want to know more. Veneers are purely cosmetic. We don’t use veneers to treat cavities, root canal infections, gingivitis, or other types of dental problems. Additionally, veneers don’t strengthen or protect teeth.

When a person has a discolored or crooked tooth, they might hesitate to smile and show it to the world. Veneers are the answer to this issue. By placing a veneer on the tooth, we make it look better by hiding it. Patients can get veneers for all of their teeth, but most prefer not to. Veneers are usually used to cover the front teeth only since these are the teeth that show when we smile.

What about Teeth Whitening?

Veneers can cover crooked and chipped teeth while whitening won’t help with these issues. Both cosmetic procedures, however, are options for those with dark teeth. Patients ask us about the difference and what would work best for them.

Patients who have yellow teeth that aren’t deeply stained will benefit from whitening more than others. On the other hand, patients with very dark teeth might not respond to whitening. In these patients, it might be a better idea to go straight for veneers. It’s also possible to try whitening and then go for veneers if whitening doesn’t work.

To find out more about the cosmetic dental services available, call us or visit our office. We’re here to answer your questions.

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